.net issue

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hi there,

almost a year ago i signed up for this service, (if you call it that).

i uploaded all my family video created a backup of 900+gb of data.

well i got hit with a ransomware and all my videos where hit. i didn't worry about it as i have the backup GREAT.

reinstall windows fresh system go to retrieve my data .net error contacted support almost a year now still not fixed . i have sent many emails and logs now they don't respond at all.

im able to download 400gb but thats it. very unhappy and stressed regarding my kids video.

Hey tizi1906,

Maybe you can make sure that the .NET version is enough as the FAQ list:https://support.asuswebstorage.com/estorage/eservice/1033/FAQViewKBArticle.aspx?kbarticleid=5a95415e-ad1b-de11-abc3-005056000173

You can also install the latest version of ASUS WebStorage APP on your PC:https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/downloads/

What is your WebStorage Plan? You can check your single file upload limit as well.
Or you can just ask their customer service: contact@asuswebstorage.com
You can provide the error message of the screenshot, about the failure time(GMT+8), detail the steps of your operation etc.