How to achieve acceptable upload speed?

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Hi. I bought a one-year, 1TB subscription to ASUSwebstorage in order to back up my music collection of 800+ gigabytes. After leaving the backup to run overnight (approximately 10 hours), less than 1% of my files have been uploaded. By my calculations, this means it will take about 40 days to backup my music collection! Is this the best performance I can hope for?

I am in the Middle East, running the software on Windows 10; my internet connection is capable of 5Mbps upload speed.

Thank you.

Hi nevillerc,

I was bought this plan at the end of 2017!
You can make sure that your single file cannot over than 5GB.
And make sure you have the latest version of ASUS WebStorage APP:

Or you can provide the ASUS Cloud ID, detail steps of your operation, the upload(backup) time (GMT+8), PC O/S, ASUS WebStorage APP version, LOG([img][/img] to the customer service team: