ASUS WebStorage App crashing Explorer

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ASUS Web Storage app is crashing Windows Explorer.

After installing this app Windows Explorer crashes frequently, closing any open folders and blanking out the desktop and refreshing it.

I did a complete fresh reinstall which removed all my files and Windows ran well, UNTIL I reinstalled the ASUS Web Storage app. Now the problem has returned.

Disabling or uninstalling the ASUS Web Storage app seems to rectify the issue.

So, what good is my 1TB of web storage I paid for if the app works for shit?

Asus ZenBook Flip UX461UN
Windows 10 x64

Hi Lisa,

Sorry for causing your inconvenience!
Our support team will reply soon (your case : CS20180731039), thank you!

I also have this problem.  But mine is most definitely linked with Windows 1809 upgrade.

Its taken down 2 computers of mine.  One of them 3 times (it took a long time to track it back to web storage.)