Cant backup because cant remove computer

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In the windows 10 tray icon for WebStorage I get the warning message that I can only backup to one computer but I have two. Opening the Setting and select one(old) computer and press remove does nothing. I have been trying for some time to get backup working, I have a payed subscription so please help me.
This all started when I got my laptop back from repair(they changed the motherboard) and they made a new install of Windows 10. Signing in to WebStorage keeps showing my old computer(motherboard).

There is no delete option at
Looks like I have to kill my account at WebStorage  and create a new subscription with another signing

please advice
how to remove backup device in webstorage because I got a new computer that I want to use with webstorage??

how to remove backup device in webstorage?

Hi erikswed,

You could follow the instruction at FAQ~
If you still do not know how to remove your backup device, you could contact customer service:

I follow your advice and it´s not working, this is what I have tried for many weeks now, trying to remove delete from Settings -> Info -> Backup Info ->

I sent an E-Mail to Asus about this 5 day ago and no reply..

I asked this question here:

And I must remove my back-up-data computer because I have a new computer.
Can you help me delete the BIGERIK-GL752 computer in my WebStorage because I cant delete it from Settings -> Info -> Backup Info

I have a payed subscription!
Hope for reply
Is it just me stuck in this groundhog loop!?!?