ASUS needs to get some English Majors on the payroll!

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I have had the same, horrible impression of ASUS and almost returned my product when I saw how truly atrocious the English is.

"Again, we will ensure the translation to be error free from our translators"

WHEN? That little note above was put up over a month ago!

If ASUS wants to appear professional and compete in a difficult and highly competitve market, then you need to fix this quickly. It is NOT a good image to have when your Business and Consumer Web Services are all mutilating the language of the market you are trying to succeed in. It is not enough to make excellent products (and you DO make excellent products) You are a big, international company? Are you trying to tell us that you cannot affrod to hire people that are English Major Graduates, or people with Masters Degrees in language and English as their primary language to proof read EVERYTHING that you put up in English Speaking Markets? You are seriously hurting your reputation, and projecting a very unprofessional image:

"No matter it's the sweet honeymoon pictures, hardworking reports, music that you can't live without"  ? Huh?

"Upload and share that treasurable pictures all at once even there are thousands of them!" 

What, pray tell is a "Treasurable Picture?" I am a well spoke, professional 50 year old man, and I have NEVER heard the word "Treasurable" spoken by someone in my life?

I would venture to say that you are losing THOUSANDS of sales every DAY because of this. Why are you relying on "Translators" - and if you are, then what: "Google Translator? If you are not ready to hire a USA based advertising Company, at least hire ONE OR TWO people that speak proper English (And do the same in each language market you enter) You are very poorly represented at present. I have mentioned this to some people at work (I work for IBM, a major international company) and they all thought it looks "laughable" when you use these horrible translations on your websites. It reminded all of us of the CHEAP, poor quality goods that use to come out of China. Come on ASUS. I have always loved your PC motherboards, but I will NOT buy a major appliance (or even another Tablet or PC) from a company that mangles my language so badly. It looks UNPROFESSIONAL. I don't know how else to put it. Thank you for giving me a place to have my say. I understand you cannot hire a full staff in USA, but get the language (the written, public facing websites) correct, or you will coninue to pay the price in lost sales, and reputation as a "foreign company that makes all that cheap stuff, thats not as good as ACER, and Lenovo and Motorola, and Sony, and SAMSUNG - NONE of those companies mutilate the English language in their publications, ads or Websites!

Hey blairpad
I 100% agree with you. It does not inspire confidence in the organization if they sound like a bunch of morons when using English. I can't speak or write Chinese but I am not trying to promote a business in a Chinese speaking country.

Well spoke Englishman:What does the word 'affrod' mean? ;-)
I'm Dutch. They don't translate into Dutch

blairpad, if you think Asus staff English is terrible, you should read their French... As a French person, I need to communicate with support in English to ensure a minimum level of mutual understanding... The service is advertised to be provided in French , but there is no way a non-english speaker will contract this service in France.

Reminder : laws of marketing dictate that you exceed customers' expectations. Creating expectations that you will not be able to meet is a very bad idea...