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Hi All,

I have the windows client on two computers and an unlimited account.  If I put a 1.5GB file on computer A, it uploads correctly, and on the web login service it confirms that the uploaded file size is 1.5GB.

However, on computer B I will have a look after a couple of days and the file will have stopped at, say, 1.1GB and the file is not useable.  The client says that the file sync is complete and yet it clearly isn't the right file size.  I have tried this with various file sizes from 700mb to 1.5gb and they rarely complete.  If I then delete the partial file on computer B it is deleted on computer A, so I have to just leave all these useless files sitting on computer B.

Computer A is on all the time, computer B is only on for around 4 hours a day.  If a sync is interrupted, it should resume surely?



No-one else is experiencing this?  It seems that if the computer goes on standby whilst downloading a big file the client just assumes that it is complete.  And I then can't delete them..?

My pc has just finished sync and i noted a large number of photos that were partially synced.  half the photo is ok and the other half is blank.  dont know how to sort it!

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Dear nevola,

Thank you for your message. We've received your inquire (case no CS20140527023) and replied to you just now.

Please help us do some easy check listed in the email first. If the problem is not solved, please reply with the required information and our engineers will help you to resolve this issue ASAP.

Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.