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Great idea to have compleate webstorage on mobile. Is there an app also for WM? Or is it planned? Please don't forget business users :-)

Thanks Alois-Asus,
Yes, it is in our plan. Thanks for your patience~

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Personally I expect more on their improvement of the iPhone app and increase more features on it. Btw I have a blackberry too so please asus team, develop a blackberry app!!!

we want win app


Our development team is now ongoing with the new iPhone, Android mobile client. Both with PAD version (horizontal view and Pad layout)
For short term, we will focus on "How to improve on our current mobile apps", the improvement might take a while till end of Q3 or mid Q4 for stability tuning.

On the other hand, we still have our 20% time focusing on new mobile app support other OS (Blackberry, WM, MeeGo...). Until then, we hope to ask for your patient~

I had install WebStorage in my WP8 device.
how can I put my photo that are in Camera Roll folder to WebStorage ?
I select photo and press 'share' it has a list of apps that going to share, but no WebStorage

hi lwtp,
you need to login webstorage app first.
Enter MySyncFolder space and press this "..." function.
Then you can upload picture and choose from camera roll folder:)