Pls. cancel pop-up message on file upload limit!!

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Dear ASUS team,
After my first attempt to upload a file, i got a warning pop-up message saying that the file limit size for uploads for 500 MB. At once, I took due note of the limit, but ever since, it appears every 1 minute or so with a by now obnoxious chime sound.
Is there a way to control the timing, sound or, better yet, cancel it altogether? I have tried to Dismiss it a few times but it keeps on coming back.

Hi Mario,
You can go to the purchase page to get some info for the limit of AWS.

However, maybe you can re-log-in your AWS APP on your laptop.
(If you make sure you do not upload a file more than 500MB.)
Or go to settings > > > Sync > > > More > > > you can choose whatever you want.
I have already used to no notification when I syncing something, so I can live without no notify.

When I try to upload the file "drive won't run unless you update google play services " this what I got