Green Dots in Backup

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Sorry, I do not speak English, this translation will be kind of strange, I hope you can understand!

1nd - It would be wonderful is a function of green dots functioning in function of "Backup". Since this function only appears in the synchronization only of the folder "MySyncFolder" and not of the folders that I select manually. [Or maybe it works also in the backup function, and my computer is not working]

2nd - Whenever I am in the Application Settings screen, shortly after closing, an error screen appears.

Error handling link:

3rd - The "Starts with the system" function is not working here in Windows 10, I already tested it for 10x, and none of the 10 initializations the app opened after the windows load! [It can be just here too, I'm sorry, I'm just reporting]

I have already disabled and activated the function, and the same is in the Windows startup entry, soon after windows boot, the app does not appear in the system tray

System Details:
Windows 10 Pro
Language Portuguese
Software version: