i need asus webstorage detailed user manual

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Recently i instlled this asus web cloud with Asus zenbook winodw 10.
Here are my questions;

Because of 500MB daily upload limit, uploading stopped on start day, yet uploading does not finish up uploading on next day. How to let them complete?

how to change sync folder location?

If files in my orginal files are deleted, files in web storage are deleted? or just accumulated?
If files in web storage sync folder are deleted,  files in my orginal  files are also being deleted?

i need asus webstorage detailed user manual.
Please let me know where i can find manual or download.

Thank you for your kind support.

Hello puregold35!
Here are the answers for Your questions:
1. The files probably can not complete itself, so You must upload whole files at once.
2. Right click on ASUS WebStorage icon in System tray and click on "Settings", then click on "Sync" option, an then Change a "MySyncFolder Location" by clicking "Change"
3. If You delete Your original files on Your computer Hard Disk they will not delete from ASUS WebStorage, exactly is the same way with deleting files from Cloud (only if You have a copy of original files in other location than Your ASUS WebStorage Folder)
4. Here are links to manuals below:
Link number 1:
Link number 2:

Hope I have helped You!

Great! Thanks for the help!

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