What do I have to do to start synk

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been using WebStorage for two weeks and it does not synk some files. I mean one file has not changed now in a week. What do I have to do to synk?
Is this how it´s works, that it dosent work )

ok I enable in the windows 10 desktop client settings the "notification on sync complete"
I get notification but my selected back-up files are still not synced, I open the file(s) in the
and many of them are a week old!?!?

My god what´s happening the notifikation down by the tray menu clock that say Asus Webstorage backup done, is popping in and out every 5 sec , must restart computer

ok restarted and guess what! i am greeted with the message "Welcome to Asus Webstorage" popping out down by the tray menu clock. It´s just that I signed up for Webstorag many weeks ago, oh ja there it comes again two times in a row - BACKUP COMPLETE ASUS WEBSTORAGE

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Hi erikswed ! If there's any problem using ASUS WebStorage, please email to contact@asuswebstorage.com , provding us the screenshot of error, operating steps, Windows O/S, ID and failure time. Our cusomter service staff will respond to you A.S.A.P.

It does not sync and I only have one Backed-up folder, it´s an Android studio Project 1000 files.
Files I worked on today show 24 hour out-of-date Always...Win 10 on laptop Asus ROG GL752VW-T4130T High speed Internet in Sweden.,. I even reinstall app and reset Everything