Expired Acccount - Can't Access Free 5 Gb

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Hi. Please explain this to me. I received email notice stating the following:

"Your ASUS WebStorage is now expired. Backup, sync, sharing, MEar, and upload functions have been disabled on 2016-08-31(GMT+8). To extend your service, please purchase ASUS WebStorage before 2016-09-30(GMT+8) to avoid account termination."

I confirmed that the Website will not allow me to Upload any file, saying my Service has expired.

So how do I keep using my Free Plan 5Gb Plan then?

I have sent 4 emails to contact@asuswebstorage.com over the last week, and I have not received a single response.

Please advise, as I am without service now..

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Hi sheridan.shawn~

Our customer service staff have replied to your inquiry (case no CS20160907023), and have replied to you. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact him. Your patience is very much appreciated.