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1.  When I thought my data was stored in the "cloud" when looking into my "Backup" folder it's empty; what's up with that?
2.  I need a "Manual on how to use the application.  Give me a link.
3.  Your "ad" shows other "windows" that I can't find.  Where are they?
4.  Do you have a "LIVE" person to chat with?
5.  Do you have any contact information?
6.  Did I get ripped off again?

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Hi doug210 !

Thank you for your message. In the following paragraphs, we will briefly introduce you our main functionalities (Sync, Backup).

MySyncfolder: The files you put into Mysyncfolder will be auto-uploaded to the cloud and auto-downloaded to other computers logging in with the same user ID. In other words, you will always have the latest version of files in all devices with it, but the files may also occupy space in your local drive.

Backed-up data: It's designed for saving your important data. Setting up backup folder, the files in there will be auto-uploaded to the cloud. If you delete your files positively by mistake in your local folder, the cloud still keeps those files for you. The shortcoming is that you can't easily delete the backed-up files in cloud. It takes more steps to delete them than in MySyncfolder.

To your other inquiries, please contact our customer service staff (email to Once we receive your reply, our engineers will help you to resolve the issue A.S.A.P.