Cannot Connect to ASUS Server

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Sometimes ASUS webstorage connects and syncs files but than sometimes it has a sync error. I click "Fix sync error" but it doesn't fix it.

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Hi kevinkijiji7777 !

We feel regret to know the problem you encountered. To clarify your problem, please follow the instructions as below:

1.    Uninstall the WebStorage program on your PC/laptop
2.    Reboot the PC/laptop
3.    Visit the Download page and install the latest version of WebStorage program

If you’ve followed the above instructions but it still fails, please provide us the following information (email to

1.    Log (Steps: right-click on the WebStorage icon on the system tray >> settings >> get the log files) Please zip them all and send back to us.
2.    Windows O/S version
3.    The screenshot/picture of error message “Cannot connect to ASUS Webstorage Server”
4.    WebStorage ID

Once we receive your reply, our support team will help you to resolve the problem. Your patience is very much appreciated.

I use windows 10 to sync files with my other computers. After reloading asus webstorage over and over again, I finaly gave up on it and used dropbox. The Dropbox announced that they are no longer supporting Windows XP ( I still have a computer using XP), I went back and reloaded ASUS Webstorage! It worked for a couple of days then, once again, "cannot connect to ASUS Webstorage Server". Once again, I will send you the log files, but I no longer expect much in the way of help

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Hi ! Our customer service staff has replied to your inquiry (case no.CS20161004012). Should you have any further questions please feel free to let us know. ^^

asus people should call microsoft people to solve this problem.