ASUS WebStorage Android. Broken

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Hei your application is broken, its search feature not working, I can't find any file, I've 4 ASUS device, with different WebStorage account, and they have the same problem like that, zenphone 5, zenphone selfie, FonePad 8, zenpad 7, with lastest build of WebStorage client for Android, need explanation for this, why multi billion company have miss the critical part of a software for searching file. Thanks before.



To be honest, how about your motto? Is that never implemented in the mobile device? This's not a personal insult or hatred against someone or a company but I'm asking, as a customers, really? I'm speechless

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Hi blbenyamin9 ! We have received your inquiry CS20160729031 and our engineers will sort out the problem A.S.A.P. Your patience is very much appreciated.

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Seems you don't get the problem.. I've reply it via email..

COme on, until today no reply back from asus, are you deaf or can't read or just ignorance because you are a big company? Oh god, you're the worst ever.... I hate you more than ever for now...

I can't search for my file, my file is increasing yet you can't do anything about it? Come on... I need help here...

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Hi blbenyamin9 ! Our customer service staff has received your email (case no. CS20160815035). If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service staff; they will resolve this issue A.S.A.P. Your patience is very much appreciated.

My micro SD card not access .permission dena in second step sd card not seen.

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Hello ashasaxena1 ~  Thank you for your message. To specify the problem, we need your help to email us ( and provide more details of your problem:

1. Operational steps
2. Screenshot of the error message
3. The failure time (GMT+8)
4. Android O/S, and the version number of app
5. The device model.