Error: 500 when connecting to Asus WebStorage

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When connecting to the Asus WebStorage using the Web interface (MS Edge/FireFox) I am logged in and the following error page is displayed:
Unknown error, please try again.
(code: 500 )

Please provide support.

Hi aslpromo.marc !

To clarify the error code 500 problem, please reply to us with the following information (email to

1.    Please provide us the browser and its version
2.    Please take the screenshot of the error code message
3.    The failure time (GMT+8)
4.    Please describe your operational steps
5.    WebStorage ID

Once we receive your reply, our support team will help you to resolve the problem. Your patience is very much appreciated.

welcome to my world  - at least you got a response

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Hahahaa, I just curious why asus is million worth company can't afford to pay people to be a forum moderator or somewhat we called it, even the after sales is very bad