WebStorage HomeCloud Error Status: NATNL failed (60105)

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I just got a Zenphone 2 and started setting up a PC at home with the HomeCloud.
I'm getting an error:
Connect to HomeCloud server failed. (Status: NATNL failed)(60105)

I'm just assuming but it looks like a NAT error.
Network error in routing, coming back, is being blocked by firewall.

Does anyone know anything about this error?

Does anyone know where there is documentation on port requirements, etc on using the HomeCloud? I'm behind a Cisco firewall... with very heavy protection.

I'll most likely have to open up some port or put in a NAT from external public to internal trusted on the machine that's running the HomeCloud... just guessing.

Also, does anyone know if I can put this home cloud on my own domain, with a public IP, and where to find information on such setup.