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I got my first ASUS laptop today and as I'm trying to get it going it started installing this WebStorage thing. I don't know if I did something wrong or not but now somehow everything that goes onto my desktop is immediately in Webstorage but everything in Webstorage appears as files on my desktop. The PDF that's supposed to explain how this works shows images that look nothing like when I click on the Webstorage icon. I can't seem to do any of things it says I should do. It says I would learn everything in 3 minutes but I have no idea how. I don't see a "Control Panel". None of it makes sense to me. How do I work this thing???

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Hi supernova3981 !
Thank you for your message! To help you get started, please see the following brief introduction of WebStorage:

MySyncfolder: The files you put into Mysyncfolder will be auto-uploaded to the cloud and auto-downloaded to other computers logging in with the same user ID. In other words, you will always have the latest version of files in all devices with it, but the files may also occupy space in your local drive.

Here are the simple steps to check sync:
1. Please confirm that you are using the latest version ASUS WebStorage program/app to the latest version (If not, please get it up-to-date)
2. After installation, please click on the WebStorage icon on the desktop and drag the target files into “MySyncFolder”
3. Make sure there are small green dots on all files in your MySyncfolder. (Green means successfully uploaded) Afterwards, you could confirm the synchronization by logging on web (or your mobile devices)

If you cannot get what you want by the above guides, you’re always welcome to contact us by email ( Our support team will do our best to resolve your problem.