"Network Error!" Every single time...

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I cannot use the computer feature. I open the app. And get this error everytime I try to log in.
"Network Error! Please check Internet connectivity"
I obviously have internet connection if I'm posting this here.
and on my screenshot You can clearly see I have a full 5 bar internet signal. And I'm logged into the Webstorage website. SO the internet *IS* working.

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Dear natisu !

We feel regret to know the problem you encountered. To clarify your problem, please follow the instructions as below:

1.    Uninstall the WebStorage program on your PC/laptop
2.    Reboot the PC/laptop
3.    Visit the Download page and install the latest version of WebStorage program https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/downloads/

If you’ve followed the above instructions but it still fails, please provide us the following information:

1.    Log (Step: right click on the AWS icon on the system tray >> Support >> Get log files)
2.    Windows O/S version
3.    The screenshot/picture of error message “Cannot connect to ASUS Webstorage Server”
4.    WebStorage ID

Please email us to contact@asuswebstorage.com
Once we receive your reply, our support team will help you to resolve the problem. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Have now the same problem for the second time. I don't think it's a solution, always again and again "uninstall the WebStorage" and download again. My question is ... "why it happen"? Few days ago it was so nice to see, when I changed something on my PC, I received immediatly on the right side that i was was sync to the WebStorage ... now at once, nothing more and  I see. "Can not connect to Asus WebStorage server ..."