Files get lost!

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I have a folder "X" in my PC which contains 585 objects (4 sub-folders and 580 files). This folder has been set for automatic backup. Only after some months, I have noticed that only 500 remain kept in WEBSTORAGE backup.

Even worse is the case with the folder "MySynFolder". In this folder I have saved more than 500 objects, as well. What happened? ASUS has DELETED the number of files above 500 in a folder IN MY PC, without any notification. Some of them I could find later, occasionally, in my PC's TRASH FOLDER. I don't know how many nor which files remain lost!

MySyncFolder is a dangerous folder, since, not like regular folders, even when you work under the 500 "quota", if a file is accidentally deleted, the same will be done in the WEBSTORAGE. Neither older version nor "the original file has been deleted" will be kept in the Web.

We are would like to understand more about the situation you faced, which might need your logs ... etc detailed information.
Here will suggest our Support Team taking over this issue for you ASAP.

Dear bijunoar,
  Please submit your problem to
  They will offer you product and technical  support.

  By the way, which version of client are you using?
  You can find and upgrade to the latest version at

I suggest you repeat the experience:
1. prepare a folder with, let's say 585 objects (files and/or sub-folders) and submit to backup. Wait and look for them in Webstorage.
2. fill your "MySynFolder" with exact 500 objects. No problem. Than add some more. You will see. At first they will be accepted in your local folder, but in a while they will "vanish". look for them in the Trash. Try also to update one of your files (in sync folder) and see what happens.
Good luck

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dear scott.chiu,

I'm using your latest version ( as 2010.08.30).
I'm sorry, I don't have the time to start the whole procedure again in another instance.
I have already spent reasonable efforts on the matter. If you believe it's a relevant issue, please foward the information to the support people. They will be able to make the respective simulations and find a solution.

If you find it necesary, I can send the relevant logs. You can reach me be email registered in my personal information
Thanks a lot

Dear bijunoar,
  Thank you very much for helping us and finally we do find the bug that caused the issue!
  We will fix it as soon as we can. Thanks again~

Dear scott.chiu,

I´m glad you have found such bugs. All users will profit. That also means I´m not mad! (not yet). I know you are doing the best, but I will take the opportuinity to place some more "claims".

Prior to start claiming I´d like to make some thougts:
I´ve been trying many similar webstorage / sync services in the last years: FusionOne (no more available),  FolderShare (nowadays, Windows Live Sync), Google Docs, BeInSync, etc., and recently, AsusWebStorage.

I´m sure you have the best proposal: Automatic sync (like Windows Live Sync), Backup and Cloud possibilities (like Google Docs) and plus, Automatic backup, Older versions and so on.

Where you loose:

1. Web interface (it´s very poor)
Google is of course the Champion. But you could, at least give information about Status and Path for each file (The titles are already there).
It should be localized (I live in Brazil and don´t know where you are, what is the time shift)
Should be available, by name, status path and date (at minimum)
When you format your PC or buy a new one, frequently you will use the same names for folders. One needs to know what is new and what is old, or at least recover automaticaly the existing folders in WebStorage (Folder download with automatic resume).

I have to stop now, but have some comments to you.


Hi bijunoar,
MySyncFolder 500 "quota" problem is SOLVED!!!
You files are now 'save' with it~
And we are sorry to cause you any inconvenience.

it's a big problem
but fortunately it is already solved
thanks to bijunoar for ur information