HomeCloud Server - Not working

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I sent a screenshot about my issue and I can't seem to select the "troubleshoot" that shows up. When I log in to the www site it shows up there but if I select it, the site asks me to login again. The server side just keeps cycling red then off, then red. I've uninstalled just he Homecloud and rebooted multiple times.

It seems the Webstorage works fine and I've tested using both the PC "server" and my Android.

The Android app "sees" the Homecloud but can't connect and I assume it's due to it NEVER going green.

Hello cbnlnk121 !

Thank you for having us informed. To sort out the problem, please provide us the following info:

1. Operational steps
2. The screenshot of error messages
3. The failure time (GMT+8)
4. Android O/S
5. The version of app
6. The name of device model

Please email to contact@asuswebstorage.com and we’ll reply to you as soon as we receive your letter.

I am having the exact same problem. Just installed the ASUSCLOUD on Windows 10, the webstorage bit works just not the Home Cloud. It shows a Red "Troubleshooting" and nothing can be clicked for more details.

2) Just says "Troubleshoot" in red under my Home PC
3) Never worked
4) Windows 10
5) HomeCloud
6) Router: ASUS RT-AC66U


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Dear dezolve ~ We have received your letter (case no CS20151022035). Our engineers will contact you A.S.A.P. Your patience is very much appreciated.

I'm having the exact same issue, and I have had an incredibly frustrating time with ASUS support. Many different email threads, multiple screenshots, bug submissions through the client, all without any meaningful progress. I see that this post still hasn't been replied to after several months, which is disheartening. If the issue has been resolved, could the solution please be posted here for other users? If not, I'd like to add my voice to those screaming into the void. Please and thank you.