Blue Ray Problem

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My G751 JY cannot play Blue Ray disk. I try contracted the ASUS Help Desk in Thailand for recommendation many times but my problem still wasn't solve. First time the help desk told me that the ASUS G751 with Windows 8.1 should be able to play Blue Ray automatically so they recommended me to contact the dealer to check about hardware problem. Now I reside in Thailand so it impossible to fly back to Singapore just to solve note problem. So I search from internet and download some program for blue Ray playback, and it worked. This can proof that my notebook has nothing wrong for hardware. Last time I called ASUS help desk and told him that I have checked with my disk drive and there is nothing wrong about hardware. He told me that the ASUS G751 do provide hardware for Blue Ray but do not provide a software for it. He advised me to search a compatible software and buy them.
It is very disappointed and frustrated to me, I feel like I was cheated by ASUS. ASUS should be more faithful to customer by telling the truth or make a clear statement somewhere that such software is not included. I wrote this message to you to double check if it is true to all what I said, or you would have a better solution to my problem.

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Hi suvicham ! Thank you for your message. ASUS Cloud is the subsidiary in charge of ASUS WebStorage service (cloud service); we provide our members Cloud Storage space and applications to manage data.
Regarding to your inquiry (Blue Ray Problem), we feel regret to inform you that we are not authorized to provide you an official reply, which is more related to ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (our parent company).
However, we believe that you can retrieve the vital information you need by contacting with the ASUS support for accurate and professional hardware/software regarding solutions.

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