Add contributor function inoperable....... . . .

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I activated my Asus webstorage, synched up some files to my webstorage and decided I wanted to take advantage of the Collaborator functions.

I created a folder named BATTLETECH then confirmed a friend of mine had created an ASUS webstorage account and verified his email. After that I went to add him to the contributor list ... No dice. He tried to create a folder and add me.. No dice.

When I type in his email in the Webstorage ID field the text field simply shakes left and right and doesn't do anything.. This is a big deal breaker.. the complexity to get this to work is a real deal breaker.

Jesus.. even getting this post to publish is a bitch..

Is this broken?

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Sorry for the apparent triple post.. Getting this to post wasn't intuitive at all... I was forced to click in the title and press enter... Seriously.. Not "post" or "Publish", I had to solve a puzzle to get this to post lol.

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HI george.ovalle.g !

The condition of adding members into collaboration folders are listed as below:
1. The service area should be the same. (which means of the member’s service area has to be the same with the owner of the collaboration folder).
2. The WebStorage ID has to be activated.

To clarify your problem, please provide us the following info (Email us to

1. Your WebStorage ID
2. The WebStorage ID you wish to log in
3. The browser and its version

Once we receive your reply, our engineers will help you to check the problem. Your patience and cooperation is very much appreciated.