Why only 3GB?

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I don't understand this service. First, I had unlimited web storage for a year after purchasing an Asus tablet. After the year was over, I didn't upgrade to a paid plan because I hadn't really been using the account. However after some time had passed, I wanted to try out the storage and syncing service again, but when I attempted to access my account I was unable to because it said the account was "expired."

After spending over an hour trying to figure out how to convert the account to a free account (a process which should be made much simpler, or should happen automatically), it was finally accomplished and I was told that my account had a quota of 3GB. Why only 3GB? On the website's pricing plan page, it states that a basic or free account starts with 5GB, so I'd like to know why my premium plan was downgraded to this low allotment of 3GB. A response on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello rdionysus !

Thank you for your message. Since your problem requires identification, we need your help to email us (contact@asuswebstorage.com) and provide us the following information:

1. WebStorae ID (registered email).
2. Please describe the situation generally in the email.

Once we receive your reply, our engineers will help you to upgrade the account to the basic 5GB for lifetime. During this period of time, we expect very much for your understanding and patience.

Thank you for the reply, captainawscloud. I sent an inquiry to the email address.

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Ah do you got a reply? I don't until today.

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Hi blbenyamin9 ! We have received your inquiry (CS20160729031) and our engineers will respond to your questions A.S.A.P.