Homecloud Server

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Cannot login on following page


Get following error

Connect to HomeCloud server failed. (Status: Cannot get Area GUID)

When trying to create account on Homecloud Server Application

Get the dialog prompt "General Error -1"

Tried calling support, they didn't even know the application existed.

If anyone can help would be appreciated.

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Hi tegan ! To rectify the problem, we need your help to email us (home@asuscloud.com) and provide more details of your problem:

1. The WebStorage ID
2. The O/S
3. The operating steps in detail
4. The screenshot of error message (Connect to HomeCloud server failed. (Status: Cannot get Area GUID) )
5. The failure time (GMT+8)
6. The browser and its version

Our engineers will look into the problem as soon as we receive your reply. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Any solution to this??? Having same issue

Home Server Not Working

I've been installing, uninstalling the Asus Home Server (or WebServer as it's called now) and cannot get the Home Server function working.

As others pointed out the Webserver function works fine.

I/O from Windows, Android, and IOS work fine to sync with the WebServer portion.

The HomeCloud Server portion comes up with errors.

As others pointed out There is a ! at the Troubleshoot but pressing anything there does nothing. In the system tray one can select Sync and it says it's sync'ing but yet it does nothing.

It will not go online.

One cannot manage it through the Asus web portal.

Nothing works on the program except for the WebServer from Asus's own cloud.

The Home Cloud does not work.

I've looked at the program and it seems as if it's trying to communicate back to Asus. I've watched wireshark I/o and it seems as if the program is trying to activate or communicate to Asus but is not getting a response.

For example even these links don't work...


If the program has been 'scrapped' please let us know. The devices that Asus make are 'home cloud' which leads me to believe their supposed to work.


I'm getting the exact same issue as well