Removable disk is not accessible error

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I have just purchased eeebook x205ta with Windows 8 32bit installed on 32GB mSSD drive.
I want to upload my files via remote drive and take advantage of 500GB cloud space Asus provides. However, after I installed "Remote drive" application I cannot access "W" drive that was added in file explorer. I receive the following error message:

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I have WebStorage account and use MySyncFolder without problems, but for some reason Remote drive does not work on my machine. Will it be fixed?

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Hi tastyminerals ~

To clarify the problem, please provide us the following info, and email to

1. The screenshot of the problem (cannot access "W" drive that was added in file explorer)
2. The ID
3. The failure time (GMT+8)
4. Windows O/S
5. The detailed operating steps

Once we receive the above info, our engineers will help you to resolve the issue A.S.A.P.
Your patience is very much appreciated.

Has anyone found the answer to this issue? I am dealing with this exact same problem on my windows 8 eebook. Whenever I boot up remote drive pro, it adds the other disk as a "removable disk" that I cannot access

I have the very same problem, the machine came with w10 and 500 GB, sync folder works fine, as other storage in collection.  I really do need the backup drive, can somebody tell me if it works in w 10? please