Uninstall asus web storage icons change

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Hi.  I was troubleshooting delay in Windows 7 shut down and saw ASUS files
maybe causing slow shut down, so  uninstalled ASUS web storage and multiframe (which I don't remember why I had it) and now all my desktop icons of shortcuts and textfiles have a CLOCK icon (4:00 to be exact)!  I am afraid some kind of schedule to delete my files has begun on my own machine, at 4:00!  I can't change any icons to a different icon, it's a bluch clock saying 4:00. 

I was about to restore program and start synching files too.  I was having problems
deselecting default file locations and setting up my own locations.  Just help me assure that my files will be ok and this desktop icon change doesn't mean anything and is not a system-wide icon change, afraid to look, but I will.

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Dear mbensimon5773

Please contact our customer service via https://service.asuswebstorage.com/. They will be happy to further assist you.

Thank you.