Can't register on the voucher card link

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Hi. I have just purchased an Asus Router, comes with a free 100G webstorage for a year. I tried to follow the link to register my account. I key in the activation serial number and submit the application, but the webpage keeps telling me the verification code i entered was incorrect. I am pretty sure i key in the right number. So what should I do?

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Hello cooler11band !

To activate the free storage space, please check the activation card which is enclosed within your package. There are 16 characters and one link on the card. Users could activate the additional storage space by registering a new account on the indicated link.
Note: The activation code can't be used by inputting existing user ID

The procedure of registering your new account is as below:
1. Please log on >> Check the “User License Agreement” >> Click “Next Step: Setup Account”
2. Fill in needed information, including activation code and WebStorage ID (E-mail address), etc.
3. Click the "Send" button and the system will send a verification link to your E-mail address. You may need to verify your account by the link and activate your new account.