Can't unsync folder from online storage

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My webstorage quota is almost reached and I want to unsync some folders (saved data, not mysync folder) to make some space. I unsync them on my computer

but they are not removed from the webstorage (I checked online), even after several days, reboots...

The FAQ tells the folders should be marked as "Original file has been deleted" but this is not the case. There is no way to remove them on the web UI either. If I create a folder, sync it and then delete it, it stays online as well (check "Nouveau dossier" on the screenshots).


To delete the backed-up data, please see the following steps:

1. After removing or deleting the file (that you have chosen for backup) on your PC
2. visit ASUS WebStorage's website and go to Backed-up Data to see if the file has been labeled as 'Original file has been deleted'.
3. Move your mouse cursor to the right of the file and click on the Garbage Can icon to delete the file.

If you have any further questions, please contact us (email to and let us know your operating steps, screenshot of each steps / erorr messages, failure time, etc. Your patience is very much appreciated.


As written in my original post and in the screenshot, the folders are never labeled as "original file has been deleted".

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Hi kodiakkb !

Thank you for your message. We have received your letter (case no CS20150428011), and our engineers will replyto you A.S.A.P. During the period of time, we expect for your kindly understanding and patience. Thank you.

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It's good.