auto login to webstorage

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It would be great if ID and Password could stay remembered, so you don't have to type it in everytime.
Now i type it in only once a week to back-up data. If you sign out the ID should be cleared. If program is closed and running in background, then it should keep working at every boot of the system. This signing in is annoying

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Hi domen.pupic !

Please confirm that you’re using the latest version of ASUS WebStorage application

If you’ve already gotten it up-to-date but still encounter the same problem, please email us ( the following information:

1. The version number of ASUS WebStorage software, the Windows O/S, and LOG (Stpes: right-click on the WebStorage icon >> Support >> Get log files).
2. Please take the screenshot of the message (to enter the account and password after reboot the PC)

Once we receive your reply, our support team will help you to resolve the problem. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Alguém sabe me explicar o por que do site de hospedagem do asus web storage não está funcionando?
Dá erro desconhecido cód 900