redeeming extra storage for new device (MemoPad8)

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Hello there,

I've just bought a MemoPad 8 and it was said it comes with 500Gb webstorage package. I'm looking for instructions on how to activate this.

Do I have to register the new account from the device?
Is there any coupon code or something that I need to apply?
Does it matter in which country I live?

Thanks  a lot for help!

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hi finest137 ~

Thank you for your message. To retrieve the free bundle term of each ASUS machine (in your case, MemoPad8), please register a new WebStorage ID via AWS newest program/APP.

Here are the steps:

1. First, please visit the following website to update the latest version WebStorage app on your ASUS machine:
(Please install the latest version of WebStorage app according to the mobile O/S.)

2. Second, if you’ve installed the latest version AWS app and already login, please log out your existing WebStorage ID on your device (“Settings” --- “Log out”)

3. Third, please use an un-registered email address to sign up a new account via AWS newest app. The new account will activate the ASUS bundle term with it.

Note: You could click “Click Here” by the following link to know more about your ASUS product comes with the amount of space provided and the term.

Should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to let us know (email to Thank you.