How to protect files from system restore?

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I want to save important files on my computer in WebStorage to protect them from the "restore to factory settings" I have to do on my computer, which will of course delete everything and make the computer boot up as if I just brought it home from the store. How do I use WebStorage for this? It looks like if something is deleted from my computer it will delete from WebStorage.

hi runawayprincess ~

The files you put into Mysyncfolder will be auto-uploaded to the cloud and auto-downloaded to other computers logging in with the same user ID. In other words, you will always have the latest version of files in all devices with it, but the files may also occupy space in your local drive.

If you do not wish to keep those files on your local drive, you could use the move function to move the files from MySyncFolder to MyColleciton.

Here are the steps:
1. Log on the web
2. Choose the files/folders you wish to move
3. Click "Move to" on the toolbar
4. Choose "MyCollection" and click "OK"

Then, you could retrieve them in the MyCollection folders whenever you need!

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You must add this to faq, anyway implement a date checker for old file that not up to date with the WebStorage server anyway