Sharing a collaboration folder

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I want to share a folder in AsusWebstorage but I can't seem to share it with anyone.

I created a collaboration folder and did not add any people to share it with. I wanted to add people later on but there does not seem to be a button to share the collaboration with anyone. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi peter_de_looff ~

ASUS WebStorage provides users to use “Collaboration folder” to share files in the folder. That is, you could set up a folder and set it as a collaboration folder, and add your members (5 at most) in the setting. After that, both you and the members are able to access/edit the files in the folder!

To know more details, please see the following FAQ
B.10.3 Sharing files with others using Co-edition and Publishing mode

I just tried the two links above, and neither one worked.

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Hi edpolakoff !

The link problem has been fixed! Thank you for informinh us

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