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Trying to install ASUSWebStorage.deb has failed because of missing independices and defective cache.
I am working with Mint Linux 64 bits.

Has anyone a suggestion for this problem?

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Hi  pevamo600 !
Thank you for your message.
We feel regret to let you understand that Linux system requirement: Ubuntu 10.04 (x86).

Therefore, if you used Ubuntu 10.04 + version (in your case Mint Linux 64bits), then the process of installation would be failed.

Deep apology of any inconvenience this matter would cause you.

If there is any further question, please feel free to contact us (

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I cannot install using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit
When do you plan to support 64-bit Linux?

Hi olavgullaksen!

we feel regret to let you understand that we do not support Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit at present. However, we care very much regarding your request, and we will refer your voice to Product Dep. as user's feedback and will keep collecting similar voices in order to affect the direction of our product.

Thank you for willing to share your precious idea with us! Should you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know (email to Thank you.

Support for 10.x should be obsolete, because that is version of Linux that was released in 2010... Version of Linux released now, for example would be Ubuntu 16.x, so support for this version would be something you would need to get work on...  If you make support for Ubuntu, you would actually make support for all of Debian system, which would be killing three bugs with one swing (or something like that).

If you can't do it yourself then open source your drivers, so that someone can do it for you... Even giving just the sources would help (in most cases), so that users could compile files by themselves...

Since I bought one of your computer, and I got access to Web Storage I wanted to use it, but now I can't since it doesn't work on any of linuxes I use.

How i can install AsusWebStorage.deb to my computer? I use this old Ubuntu 16.04? Should i upgrade it to 18.04 or 18.10?

I can't use asus webstore storage because i can't install on Linux Mint 19 64 bits :
" dependence can not be satisfied : libmono-winforms2.0-cil"
is there a solution ? if not, how can I be reimbursed?
Thank you

+1 Same issue, on Ubuntu 18. No answers, i guess?

The same thing happens to me as to others. I bought 1Tb per year because they were supposed to have linux software and my surprise is useless.

We are sorry we only have one version of app for Linux at present.

You could refer to our website and other apps to manage your data.
Guide for mobile device

This is what I have answered from support.
If you have any problem using our service (ASUS WebStorage), please reply and provide us more details of your question (operational steps, screenshots, etc.)

If there are no further questions or you do not have free time, it is no need to reply, this case will be closed in 7 days.
Thank you for your consideration.

It is clear that they have no intention of updating their app for Linux or anything

A good solution would be adding support for ftp or WebDav. I'm sure the Linux community would greatly benefit from that!

Hi to all members !

I received the offer for 1 year, it looks like I will sadly pass ..

No support for Linux. The uber obsolete version doesn't count !
Asus get your stuff together ! no money from me !

See you next year !

Kind regards

The same here.  It is not a rocket science to write a Go or Rust app that can cross-compile and listens on inotify, then syncs a directory. We don't need a UI widget, a CLI would do.

Alternatively, ASUS should donate some coins to Rcloud project ( and they could get something decent for the ASUS end-users and support FOSS at the same time.