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When I start the PC I often start an online game, when the has started and I'm  playing suddenly the game minimizes and the ASUS WebStorage pops up. Closing it and maximizing the game oftens takes to long and the game I was playing is in real stress.
I can't find any setting to not start the ASUS WebStorage.

Can anyone help on this?

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Been there.
You could log out the WebStorage account.
If the pop-up message still shows, you could uninstall it if needed.

I am trying to validate my account and when I hit the icon resend validation email it's response was unable to resend (500).
This is a new laptop and I am trying to open and access my account.

How do I go about validating account if I have had the laptop for about 6 weeks but haven't opened or accessed my account yet? please advise so I don't lose my extra space.

Thank you!

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Dear schmity126 ~

Thank you for your message. To clarify the problem, please follow the instructions as below:

1. Log on web with your user ID
2. Click on the resend option  *Note: please check the recycle bin as well in case the email system views our notification letter as spam.

If you still fail to verify the account after the above steps, please provide us the following info:

1. The screenshot/picture of error message
2. The version of browser
3. The failure time (GMT+8)
4. The WebStorage ID

Please email us the above info to
Once we receive the above reply, our engineers will look into this issue, and will respond to you A.S.A.P. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

ASUS WebStorage Team

don't understand how to  setup

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Dear todo4460 ~

thank you for your message. To solve the problem, please help us email to ( and provide us more details of your problem. We will contact you as soon as we receive your letter. Thank you.