How do I drop files into the MySyncFolder?

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I just bought the ASUS Q550L and openned a WebStorage account. I also downloaded the Webstorage app to my HTC phone (Rezound). How do I designate files to upload. I use the ASTRO file manager. Your instructions say the files in the MySyncFolder will upload, but where is this folder? Dropbox is an option off the Share function in ASTRO - very easy.

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Hi seanhallam22 !

Please follow the steps below to upload your data from your mobile devices to WebStorage.

1. Log into WebStorage app
2. select the folder which you would like to upload
3. press the setting icon on the top right-hand side
4. choose upload.

After uploaded, you could log on our website to check the data you uploaded.
(Note: please make sure the user ID you login on mobile and web is the same one.)