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Hello, I bought wi-fi router RT-N16 and tried to use Asus webstorage. As I've only started today maybe I overlooked something but anyway...
If I use webstorage for data send to - say - friend or customer or anybody - I could send them generated link to download. Ok, it works. But here goes my questions or maybe ideas to add some functionality to this:

1) not all people are IT geeks - if I put in the webstorage another folder (with files in it) wouldn't be possible to select it (it is possible ok) and then to download it with its content? I know it's possible to ZIP it but it's rather clumsy and for some people not too easy to understand
2) if I download ZIPped content after all, wouldn't be possible to let in its name ZIP extension (there is 7z)? Maybe if I install 7z program it's possible to open and unzip it then (I don't want to try), but in another case it isn't possible to unzip this. Yes, I can rename extension to ZIP but many people aren't capable of it. In such case the ZIP packing is for no good.
3) it's only a consideration, but why cut the content of folder to different parts according to extensions? Usually one wants to work with the whole content together. And maybe to have there "select all" and "download all" buttons would be great.

Hmm, maybe I want too much, but I think these suggestions could be reasonable and help webstorage to be better.

Thanks for your patience. Libor Zezula.

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Hi libor256!

Thank you for your message. We will refer your voice to Product Dep. as user's feedback. Please accept our sincere apology for the limitation at present. We believe your suggestions will positively affect the direction of our product in the future. Thank you for willing to share your precious idea with us.

If you have any further question in ASUS WebStorage, please do not hesitate to contact us )(email:

Your support and understanding is very much appreciated.