Its slow!

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your service is really slow.

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Hi farzan_khoobche !

Thank you for having us informed, and we were distressed to learn that the service you received was unsatisfactory.

The speed of sync files differs depending upon the situation. For instance: The type of Internet connection you use and the unstable internet connection environment. Unfortunately, there are events and conditions that are outside your control. Even with a fast connection, external factors, such as busy websites or spreading computer viruses, can slow the entire web.

If you kept encountering the same issue in our service, please contact us ( and let us know what difficulties you had while using our service. We will contact you as soon as we receive your letter. Thank you.

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I agree with farzan_khoobche,  The webstorage service is REALLY SLOW.  It's not just his connection or mine.  I shared a folder of photos with a friend of mine and it takes FOREVER for the photos to queue up.  If I share the exact same photos folder with my Dropbox account It's almost instantaneous.  There is definitely latency issues with ASUS's product(s).

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Hi chevyz !
Thank you for having us informed.
If the speed is still too slow to sync to ASUS WebStorage service, please provide the following information and email to

Our engineers will help you to look into the problem ASAP:

1. What interface you used to upload files:
    a. If you used PC, please provide us the version number of ASUS WebStorage software, the operation system on PC, and LOG files.
    b. If you use Mobile devices, please provide us the device model name, and the version number of the WebStorage app, and the operation system version.
    c. If you use Web, please provide us the browser and its version.

2. Please take the screenshot of any error message
3. The time (GMT+8) you uploaded files
4. Please describe your operation steps to upload files
5. The WebStorage ID
6. The location you upload files to (MySyncFolder? Backed-up Data? Or My Collection)
7. ISP

Once we receive your reply, our support team will help you to resolve the problem. Your patience is very much appreciated.

The website itself is also very slow from the netherlands, and it's not the (200Mb) connection. Just tried other services (like and these are sooooo fast.
Also, (and others) make the could storage accessable as windows network share (yes, just like you have a real NAS at the attic and mounted as x:\).  This would be very usefull!