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So, I have an ASUS Padfone, I have an ASUS laptop (KVM95), and I've been hesitant to use webstorage because it keeps telling me that it will expire. Now I had to back up some stuff, and so I'm using it,but it will expire in 2015.

So what happens to my data after it expires? Will you delete it, or blackmail me to pay you a fee so that I can access it again? And if I don't pay to regain access, how soon will it be before you delete my personal data?

Here's the problem: If you offer such a service, at least make it free and for as long as I have a device. It's great, and you keep a happy customer buying more. If it has an expiry date, why would I even upload a single byte of data on webstorage? I can't rely on it and I can't get used to it knowing that it will "expire".

Come guys at ASUS, let us keep our websotarage! And make it cooler! everytime we buy a new product from ASUS, reward us with MORE space! In fact, i've had my wife buy an ASUS and my sister, don't I at least deserve to get some space or AT LEAST to keep my webstorage?

To tell you the truth, I like it more than Dropbox and skydrive. I have more space, and it works better. But the expiration date just sits on my throat. What's the point of using it since now in a few months it will lock me out!?

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Thank you for your message.

To your inquiry, we will send an expiration notice to the e-mail account you registered with ASUS WebStorage when your account is about to expire.

Your data stored in the ASUS WebStorage will be frozen when your account expires. That is to say, instead of being able to upload and edit the data in the account, you can only download the data from the account. For your convenience, ASUS WebStorage provides users with a one-month grace period after the account expires.

Furthermore, if you do not wish to renew your ASUS WebStorage account, you can download your data in the account from the client within one month after account expiration. Or, you could downgrade your account to the free lifetime 5GB (please see the following instructions: https://support.asuswebstorage.com/estorage/eservice/1033/FAQViewKBArticle.aspx?kbarticleid=033eafde-cd68-e111-92cc-00155d01c002 )

This way, you can move the data stored in your expired ASUS WebStorage account to your system without the pressure of time.