Delete PC Option

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Recently wiped and reinstalled win 7 pro. I changed the name of the PC and now ASUS webstorage keeps telling me that it only supports 1 PC and this unit exceeds my storage limitations on the free account. Tells me to go delete 2nd PC but doesn't give the option. Then from the website when I want to delete the only backup that is already there, there is no option under Backed-Up Data Folder.

The above instructions (FAQ LINK) helps!

reminder: after a backup PC has been removed, all backed up data will be deleted.

if you wish to keep the backup files before deleting the backup pc, please see the following steps to retrieve the backup files

1. right-click on the WebStorage icon in the toolbar at the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop screen
2. go to Settings -> Info tab at the upper left-hand corner
3. click 'Restore the backed-up data to this computer' under Backup Info to select which backup data you wish to restore on your computer.