Whats the differences between Remote Drive and MySyncFolder

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I've been told that using Remote Drive could directly access the files in MySyncfolder. If that's true, what's the difference between Remote Drive and MyScynFolder?

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I used both programs.

The advantage of using MySyncFolder is that the files you put into it will be auto-uploaded to the cloud and auto-downloaded to other devices loggin with the same ID. That is so-called "sync". However, all the data would occupy the local drive.

On the other hand, Remote Drive is like an extra hard disk space for you to freely access data on cloud in the File Manager interface, and such data do not take any space on your local device.

In short, if you wish to “sync” all your data immediately on all of your devices, try WebStorage program (MySyncFolder). If you get used to operate File Manager interface to deal with data, you could try our Remote Drive to access them.

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Actually, the WebStorage program allows user to decide which files/folders to be downloaded on the local PC.

I guess it's an alternative way to prevent from downloading too many files on local drive.

Check the selective sync : https://support.asuswebstorage.com/estorage/eservice/1033/FAQViewKBArticle.aspx?kbarticleid=2eb72c5c-09f5-e211-b540-00155d01c002

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only "folder" could be chosen to seletive sync, not the file.

could I install both of them (remote drive & Webstorage programs) on the same PC?

will it cause any problem while using them?

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I've tried to install both of them and found no problem in using.

My O/S is win8 64 bits.