I Can´t delete backup data

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did that already, but it doesn't recover online storage space

I am a neophyte attempting to use any secondary storage.
It seems that alot of people are spending alot of time trying to adjust the storage area by deleting files.  I have only managed to do this once however I cannot even begin to communicate how I achieved this feat. 

Why is there not simply a delete buttom where you up load\download the files?
I personally refuse to waste the time and effort vowing to never attempt uploading anything until I have all my files arranged well in advance.

Pamela Out!

Asus zenbook

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When I went to my Webstorage Drive, there was nothing there, so I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. I'd really like to remove pretty much all of the back-ed up data I have. The only things that appear on my web interface are the share button and download.

hi J. eubanks
Could you contact our customer service staff also provide the following information for further assistance?
1. product name
2. operation system version and ASUS WebStorage version
3. take the screenshots: your drive without anything inside
4. operated steps in detail
5. failure timing (GMT+8)
6. webstorage id
thank u .

I have windows 8 and need to delete files that are "backed up" and I no longer have access to on a hard drive or the original computer.