I Can´t delete backup data

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In Backed up data, i have lots of older files deleted with the expression "Original file have been deleted."
However, when I trie do detete this "Original file have been deleted." apper´s the message "Unknow error, please try again"
How can i definitely delete this files ?

Me too !

I have a similar problem.... I have maxed out my storage and can't get the statistics to update after deleting some space hogs.  I don't want to purchase any more storage until I am sure that I can promptly delete files and make that space available again.

We will add a new function to allow user to delete backed up data in web in the near future.

I install the new version 3.0.70 but it is still impossible to delete backups. Is this normal?

Please delete it from Web interface

ok but in web interface backup:
For the folder is always present (it indicates the original file was deleted) no option to delete only sharing settings.
For the file is always present (it indicates the original file was deleted)  option to delete or download . I click delete "Unknown error please try again"

Me too, how can i delete the old backups files on web interface??

Hello, have you got news?

I think you have to the following:

-Login on the web interface. Do this from the system of the backup you want to delete.
-Now browse to the folders you want to delete and delete it. (i believe via that down arrow)

So i understood that you only can delete backups from the system where the backup is coming from.

Hi all,
As jacobdelafon had pointed out, we have put these function into our release plan. Looking to have them ready soonest within two weeks.

As to atacama, you may delete backup data from system, but to actually release your AWS space you'll need to delete the file indicates Original Deleted from WEB INTERFACE!

Hi Oceangal,

I too don't understand how to delete a file.
Can you provide the steps or put it in the FAQ on how to delete a folder that was part of a backup.

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What if the system of the backup I want to delete is no longer available ? Destroyed for instance ?

Edit: Contacted customer support, thay gave me the proper rights to clean up my mess.

I have deleted my backup files....in fact i have cleared it all but yet i cannot seem to regain space on my webstorage.  It still reads that storage is full.  What do i do?

Hi Guys,

In the meantime, I found the best way to delete the back-up files : that is through the Asus Webstorage Drive, on the local PC.