How to delete backup file

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How delete backup file??

This depends of where the files are stored...
For the mySyncFolder this can be done in the web interface.
The 'Backed up data' can be deleted from the explorer folders on a computer system itself.

hope this helps you.
You can find it also on the FAQ: --> B.2.6 How do I delete files that have been backed up?

It's relatively easy without opening the browser, you can try to open the drive function of your client app and then delete the the files in your backup folder

I have windows 8 and need to delete files that are "backed up" and I no longer have access to on a hard drive or the original computer. 


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hi mattkragiel,
could you contact customer service staff with following information for further assistance?
1. webstorage id
2. asus webstorage version
3. take a screenshots with backed up data you want to delete(https://www.asu
thank u