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I'm having trouble adding collaborators to a shared folder. When I type the email name of the collaborator, the Create icon shakes back and forth but nothing else happens. Help!

hi elberix,
could you contact our customer service staff with following information to confirm this issue?
1. your webstorag id and collaborator's id
2. browser version
3. failure timing (GMT+8)
Thank u.

Hello Elberix,
My Asus webstorage is doing the same thing as yours was.  What answer did you get?

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Hello! wstgermain ~

To clarify your problem, please provide us the following info and email to ""

1. Your WebStorage ID
2. The WebStorage ID you wish to add in.
3. Please take the screenshot when you try to add members into the collaboration folder
4. The browser and its version
5. The about failure time (GMT+8)

Once we receive your reply, our engineers will help you to resolve the problem, and will positively respond to you. Your patience is very much appreciated.

: )