Asus WebStorage nightmare

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My first experience with Asus Webstorage was that while it might be cheap - it was slow. Very slow. But eventually, after weeks and weeks, it managed to upload about 40Gigs from my documents and downloads and about 245 Gig of photos.

That seemed to be OK, and it added new stuff as it was created so gave me a sense of security - though the prospect of having to restore all that stuff at Asus speed horrifies me.

But then I had a problem with my computer and I did a local backup, reformatted the hard drive, re-installed the operating system (Win 7 Pro 64 bit) and all the programs I need and re-installed all the data from local backup. 

Two things soon became apparent - that Asus Webstorage couldn't be made to accept that the data on the reconstructed machine was the same as in the backup and it should just carry on where it left off


that AsusWebstorage had been quietly keeping multiple copies of files as they changed (content or name) so my photo backup had grown to about 400 Gig!

So I reported these things to Asus and provided them with lots of screenshots and finally they said something about a bug then told me to download a new copy of the software - but nothing improved. And then they seemed to give up.  The last e-mail I sent them was 30 October, since when - nothing.

Having looked for alternatives (and found one - faster and cheaper) I would like to dump Asus (and get a pro-rata rebate, though that could be wishful thinking) but I also discovered you can only delete things from the backup one file at a time - or so it seems.  Life is too short!

Thanks to other posts on this Forum I am part of the way toward solving the problem. I noted posts that the way to delete backed up data is through the WebStorage drive on the PC, but I didn't have one of them.
Following other suggestions I uninstalled everything Asus WebStorage related on my PC and downloaded Asus Webstorage and installed that - a popup told me there is a later version but I'm ignoring that for now.
That led me to a WebStorage Drive on the PC that wasn't there before and through that I deleted evereything in the Asus backup. It took an hour or so before the space used statistic reflected that deletion but once it did I started a new backup. So now it is doing it's impression of a snail. (That''s with a BT Infinity line capable of a 16 Gig upload speed!)
I guess it also solves temporarily the problem of backing up and keeping all file changes - but it will start doing then again very soon.
So having started on 6 January and with 273 Gig to back up, and the PC turned off overnight, how many days before it finishes?

The time/date stamp on my last post is 6 January at 23:29, but I don't know which time zone that is. So it is somewhat less than 48 hours since that post and with my computer on and connected to the internet 10am to 11pm daily it has managed to back up 522Mb of files.  With 273 Gig to back up that looks like a 1000 day job!

Also interesting to note that my original post has had nearly 100 views but not a peep out of anyone at Asus. I also e-mailed them directly, and no response.  Are they enjoying an extended New Year holiday?  Have they all been fired for their obvious incompetence?  What mystery lies behind this inactivity?

Hi Peter,
We are sorry for this late reply.
Our engineer has replied your case.
Please feel free to let them if you have further question.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It's true - they have replied, though the only issue they addressed is the one of upload speed and asked me for various information and referred to an attachment to their e-mail that wasn't there.  That was 4 days ago, I replied immediately telling them there was no attachment, but no further response.
My post of 6 January said that having tracked down a copy of the WebStorage programme through a post on this forum I had managed to delete all existing backups and a new backup had begun.
That has been going for 7 days now - PC turned on and connected to the net about 14/15 hours a day.
I also found the update to the current version of WebStorage but having installed that the backup section has got to be very confused about how much it has backed up and how much it has to do. It currently says there are 6 files pending total size 13.63 Mb but the file being backed up now has 93Mb to go (out of a total of 1023 Mb).

Still it is plodding - with the emphasis on plod - through the job and I estimate it has backed up about 6.5 Gb in 7 days. With a total of 273 Gb to do that means it should finish round about Christmas 2014!

hi peter,
our support team have received your reply with information.
You will be contacted as soon as they can.
thank u.