How much free space of storage?

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I recently bought an ASUS PC  R701V 17 inches (Media Markt Belgium). At each opening a message comes announcing that I have 32 Go free for storage but on the other side, on the cloud, it is mentioned 5 Go. Where is the truth?
Secondly, I don't find the way to access to "Données sauvegardées". When I do "transfer", I have only the opportunity to do it towards "collection" or "partage". So that by clicking to the item, the response is unvariably "there nothing in this compartment". Thank you for your help. A new Customer...

Hi jmdeneufbourg,

Did you create the webstorage account via asus webstorage app?
If yes, could you please contact our customer service staff with following information to do more assistance for you?
contact@asuswebstorage .com
1. webstorage id
2. Take a pic with model name and serial number
3. Take a screenshot with website information or pop message or flyer showed that the device you have with 3-year 32 GB webstorage subscription

Besides, we cannot sure what problem you faced using web interface.
If your question is that you want to move file into "backup data" from other space, we need to let you understand that asus webstorage provides back up important files stored on the computer. Thus, user cannot upload or move files into this space using mobile device or web interface.
If your question is not as same as we think, please write in your native language and do not hesitate to contact us. We have French customer service staff
Thank u.