Just signed up for Asus Webstorage and Hacked Already?

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I signed up for a free 5Gig Asus Webstorage account today, less than a couple of hours ago.

As soon as I got my account verification in the mail, I proceeded to log into my Webstorage account right away and have a look around at the features, etc.

I managed to stumble upon and click on a link on my management page that is marked as "IP."  Upon doing so, a LOGIN HISTORY window popped up listing login dates/times and source I.P. addresses. 

Of the seven records in this list, I recognized TWO of them (both the same IP) as being valid and from my location pubic address at home.  The other FIVE records in the list (all the same) were not logins by me. 

The offender somehow managed to log into my account at the same time as me.  In fact, the offender was logged into my account a mere 3 seconds after me.

I just queried the login history again and it is showing this:  Web  2013-12-15 16:42:55  Web  2013-12-15 16:42:52  Web  2013-12-15 16:19:05  Web  2013-12-15 16:18:32  Web  2013-12-15 16:18:22  Web  2013-12-15 16:17:21  Web  2013-12-15 15:50:28  Web  2013-12-15 15:50:24  Web 2013-12-15 15:49:05  Web  2013-12-15 15:49:01

An I.P. lookup (see below) shows that this is, as I suspected, an IP from the same group that is hosting the Asus Webstorage service.

Country: Taiwan
Region: T'ai-pei
City: Taipei
Postal Code: N/A
Latitude/Longitude: 25.039200 / 121.525002
ISP: "Taiwan Fixed Network CO.,LTD."
Organization: "Taiwan Fixed Network CO.,LTD."
Host Name: mail.nl02.asuswebstorage.com

It is disturbing to say the least that someone other than myself already has and may continue to have access to my files ,photos documents, etc.

Asus, I think you owe me (us, your subscribers and accountholders) an EXPLANATION.

hi salgiambruno,
Could you please contact our customer service staff and provide them your webstorge id for further confirmation?
Thank u.

Same thing happened to me and my RT-N66U is currently uploading some things to it, I think I will be cutting the cord on this and using another means of cloud backup.

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Hi mydog8em !

Sorry for this late reply. To help you sort out the problem, we need your help to contact us with the following information:

1.    The WebStorage ID
2.    The screenshot/picture of the IP location you saw
3.    The browser and its version

Please email the above info to contact@asuswebstorage.com 
Once we receive your reply, you will be contacted by our professional staff and our engineers will help you to check the problem A.S.A.P.

Your patience is very much appreciated