Backed-up computer removed, data lost?

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Hi all
I wanted to use the back-up feature on a different desktop (Desktop B) because I hadn't used it on the one it was installed on (Desktop A) in a really long time.  I also have it on my laptop, making that two computers for my account which is the limit.
I got on Desktop B to do the back-up feature so I could do things like automatically backup my documents folder.  If you go to the 'Info' tab on the WebStorage desktop interface and go to the 'Backup Info' area, you will see a button 'Open Backup Function'.  This opens the backup dialog where you can manage backups and computers.
Alright, now the problem:
Obviously, in order to have back-up features on the computer I wanted, I had to un-designate the other Desktop A computer as backup.  I did this via the previously mentioned dialog box and, without any warning, the system not only removed my Desktop A as a backup computer, but it also deleted the entire backup...I say again WITHOUT WARNING.  There was no indication prior to or after the action that this would occur, no warning messages, no prompts, nothing.  I only realized it after going to try and browse the backup.
1.  Can I recover the backup?  It isn't in the Recycle Bin and under 'Recent Changes' nothing is listed.
2.  Why is this an option to do without warning you that this will delete your back-p; and also it should warn you to ensure you have downloaded all files you want to keep because it is going to delete them.
Extremely frustrated with Asus right now.  Going to try and get my money back and close the account if the backup cannot be restored.

hi colebeck19er,
could you please contact our customer service staff and provide them your webstorage id for further assistance?
thank u.