Uploading failed

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Hi, I hope someone can help. I tried uploading files and it's not working. I keep getting "uploading failed" message. Please help!

Same for me. I have tried uploading files with firefox and chrome in linux, ubuntu 12.04. I also tried windows 7 and uploading works with IE, where it appears that flash player plugin is needed. Uploading in windows 7 with both firefox and chrome does not work even with flashplayer plugin installed.

In linux ubuntu I installed the latest version of flashplayer but this did not help. I think the solution must com from ASUS.

I can't upload file either..it says..the file is overlimit...my file is 1.7g and infact I have 30g space capacity

hi jeffrytheng,
For different subscription accompany with different upload limit for each file.
You can refer our webpage https://service.asuswebstorage.com/store/?vc=W110
thank u.